Chess Boxing

Two gangs have emerged as the powerhouses in Brooklyn’s mean streets. The Vanguard; old school guys that have fought their way to power and maintained a street rep of being level headed and calculated. And the Ronin; young upstarts that live life fast and take what they want fueled by the youthful sense of immortality.

Now the inevitable is about to happen: The Ronin wants to take out the last remaining gang in order to run Brooklyn’s drug trade expanding their reach. The Vanguard wants to knock the young pups off their high horse and won’t go away that easily. In the mist of things, the leaders of both crews realize that there is a possibility that both teams can “eat,” maintain their power and keep the peace. But their subordinates don’t see it that way.

War is coming soon and no matter how much money you make or power you have, greed for more doesn’t take a back seat to anything.

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