Cries Of Vengeance

What if there was no justice? What if there were no right or wrong? What if instead there was only a feeling of vengeance burning away deep in your gut? To what lengths would you go for satisfaction?

Seth and his Crew would do anything.

After street thugs kill his beloved brother, Seth, the Crew’s leader, prompts them to seek revenge. Though some are reluctant, several factors including the miscarriage of Seth’s brother’s girlfriend convince the Crew to do it. But once they deliver the justice demanded by the inner city streets, they become the objects of revenge when they accidentally kill a Russian gangster’s son.

Now they must run from the law and mob alike.

The Russians want retribution and coerce Detective Phillip Bronson, a good cop forced under their control, to find the Crew. But it’s closer than the Russians think; Bronson is also investigating the murder of Seth’s brother.

Bronson realizes the connection almost instantly but remains silent. He can escape the hold the Russians have over him but he wants to do what’s right as a man of the law. Like the Russians and the Crew, Bronson sought justice in the form of revenge and now is a victim of its consequences.

Cries Of Vengeance is an action drama engulfed in an atmosphere of urban violence and corruption. It ties street hustlers, ruthless gangsters and a melancholy police detective together so tightly that when the string is finally pulled, everything comes apart in a massive explosion of blood, bodies and bullets. It’s The French Connection meets Boyz In The Hood, when hardened men cower to their own consciences and the defining lines between justice and revenge become marred.

Copyright 2007

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