The Handler (TV Series)

In New York’s night life scene, Logan Corsair is famous! Door men know him; bartenders know him; security knows him; the DJs know him. The problem is:

He doesn’t exist!

As a member of the New York Police Department’s “Rap Patrol,” his job is to infiltrate the urban club scene and pick up any information on illegal activity. Specifically targeting hip-hop industry figures, he is to become a phone book of information that ties rap artist to drug deals, robberies and violent crimes. But before he can be granted an all access pass into the VIP section, he needs to get down with the Choir Boys, a gang that is famous for its allegiances to various hip hop crews and criminal syndicates alike.

With 8 months into his investigation and nothing to show for it, his lieutenant, his partner, and the department physiatrist want to pull him out. They feel he’s succumb to charisma of the people he’s targeting. But he knows that with so much activity in the club scene, it’s only a matter of time before he’s invited into the world of bling-bling and bass-banging-beats; until he’s granted a meeting with the Choir Boys’ mysterious leader. And when that faithful night finally happens, the NYPD has to put their trust in a “UC” that might or might not fall victim to the most dangerous drug of all: Fame!

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