Rafick Khan

A graduate of New York University’s College of Arts and Science, Rafick has always been a fan of all facets of media and entertainment. As a youth he was a talented artist who penned his own comic book ideas and eventually began writing short stories. During his four collegiate years, he double majored in English with a specialization in writing and Dramatic Literature where he earned a BA.

In 2000, after a year of exploring his creative side, which included completing two feature length screenplays and penning several short stories, Rafick entered the economic world as an employee of the PaineWebber, eventually moving over to UBS AG on the investment bank side.

Never losing the love of the arts, he always stayed close to what was entertaining in pop culture. Freelancing with several of New York City’s urban party promoters for video advertising, Rafick picked up the pen again and drafted his third screenplay. After trying to sell it for two years, he was inspired to produce it himself instead of waiting uncertain.