Survival Of The Fittest

Senior year has finally drawing to a close and couples are gearing up for prom. But Ryan is in a bind; still hung up on his ex and being turned down by every other girl he asks, he’s doomed to either go alone or not at all.

That is until his best friend, Donavon, one half of Burrow High’s star couple, suggests that Ryan go with Kimberly, a girl from a Park Avenue prep school that’s worlds apart from his own.

And why not; they’re very close friends and she’d love to go to support someone that’s been her rock through her own difficult break up. She’s beautiful, rich and smart so when he hesitates to ask her their friendship is put to the test.

Is it because he’s still in loved with another girl and no matter how long they’ve been over, Ryan can’t get over it. Or is it because of their cultural differences and his shame to welcome her into his world.

A true coming of age story where one must leave the group behind and become an individual and the only way real love blossoms is if it survives all strife, prom night becomes the ultimate testing ground for Darwin’s famous theory.

Copyright 2007

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